Expats International Photo Contest will not award any monetary prizes. Any number of special recognitions may be awarded by our sponsors and supporters.

No member of the jury or member of the pre-selection committee, nor any member of their immediate family or firm, may be awarded any of these recognitions.

The 50 best selected photos will be announced and published on our website and the ones of our partners as soon as they’ve been selected by our jury in Paris. An exhibition of all awarded (best selected) works will be held in a, yet to be communicated, place and date in Paris. More info to be found on the contest calendar.

The 50 best photos as selected by our jurors will also be published in a catalogue in which we’ll have many other details concerning these works, our association and a special recognition to all of our backers, partners, sponsors and the authors of the best 100 images as selected by our online Jury.

The 50 best photographers whose images will be exhibited in Paris will get free copies of the catalogue as a sign of recognition for their talents. The sale of this book will help our association to finance our upcoming community projects.

Expats International
Photo Contest Call for Entries is closed.

30 June 2015: Online jury Selection opens