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This contest will be judged in two phases. The first phase will be done by a pre-selection panel and the second by an international jury in Paris, the French Capital.

Expatriés Parisiens commits to change at least 50% of the jury members each year the competition is held.

Pre-selection panel
The pre-selection panel is made of an international group of not more than 30 personalities of the photo, design, media and advertising industries as well as charities, cultural and educational institutions.

Jury panel
The jury is made of an international panel of not more than 5 recognized professional photography, television, design and media industry.

Duties of the jury members and pre-selection panel members

The pre-selection panel members commit to review all the photos submitted by the participants in an online environment.

The jury members will attend the official meetings of the panel in Paris.

The jury chairperson will make sure a written report of the voting results is ready.

The jury members and their immediate family members, firms, or photography teams won’t be allowed to compete in the contest.

Entry selection procedure
The pre-selection panelists will examine all the submitted photos using online tools, determine whether they meet admission requirements and eliminate those that do not.

This selection will shortlist 100 images.
The jurors will examine the shortlisted images during an official and live meeting in Paris. The last selected photos will be judged for their; Impact, originality, Creativity, Style, Rapport with the contest theme, Composition, Print Presentation and Quality, Colors.
The Jury members will the selected the 50 last winning images that will be exhibited in Paris.
Contest moderator
Expatriés Parisiens and its staff will act as an independent moderator amongst the jury and the entrants.

Expatriés Parisiens will be responsible for:
Receiving all submissions;
Receiving written questions from the participants within the competition deadline;
Passing the received questions, without disclosing any names, to the jury members for answering questions;
Closing the submissions entry online system as soon as the competition deadline reached;
Assembling a file of all participants and their contest submissions;
Prepare the submissions for voting operations by the pre-selection panel and the jury members.

Expatriés Parisiens and its staff/volunteers may not act as jurors, nor in the jury panel, neither in the pre-selection panel. Furthermore, Expatriés Parisiens and its staff may not take part in the jury’s work in any way.

Submissions will be handled by the organizer directly through an automated online system that prevents the disclosure of participants’ identity at all times. Expatriés Parisiens is responsible for deciding  how to act regarding technical failures on the submission system that might cause delays in the submission or loss of the entries and will decide whether to include the entries involved in the system failure or not at its own discretion.

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Photo Contest Call for Entries is closed.

30 June 2015: Online jury Selection opens