Five Mind Blowing Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks you have to know

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Smartphone cameras have entirely changed the notion of conventional photography, typically because it is easy to carry compared to the bulky DSLR. This phenomenon has brought about an influx of photo-sharing as well as photo-editing apps, moreover has possibly contributed to how professional photographers as well as photojournalists work these days.

There are a lot of people who underestimate the capacities of our Smartphone camera. After all, we realize little concerning Smartphone cameras than the megapixels it can take. Actually by tweaking the settings, angle as well as lighting, plus using multi-featured apps in addition to tools, you only could be capable of taking more interesting as well as visually eye-catching photos that capture the spirit of the moment than you can with a camera.

Here are a few useful tips as well as tricks that will assist in improving Smartphone photography:

Say Yes to Back Camera.


Indeed, the front camera makes it easier towards taking groufies or selfies, however it actually does not eliminate the fact that the front camera usually has lower resolution specs than the back camera. This is because of the fact that the reverse camera has been well equipped through more megapixel, whereas the function of front camera is chiefly for just video conferencing. Nevertheless, if you actually desire to use both, try out Frontback, an iPhone app that permits you towards taking photos with both the front as well as back camera. This permits you to be in the activity, in addition to everyone else.

Don’t Go Against the Light.


One of the major issues with taking indoor photos is the lack of natural lighting. With the proper amount of lighting, food can look more appealing, facial manifestation more expressive, as well as surroundings more welcoming. To offer your photos the best probable chances of winning a most important photography competition, you have to consider the following principles:

   •    to direct the camera not at the unbelievable thing happening
   •    Does your image have the 'X-Factor'?

Visualize your image not as a single image 'plane' however somewhat as a series of overlapping planes

Use the Proper Lenses.


You take all your photos by means of lenses; hence they are a significant part of the photo-taking method. Whilst storing your Smartphone in your bag or pocket, your lenses would get some dust on them. Wipe your lens every frequently to clear any grime or fingerprint stain. You will be astonished how this easy act of cleaning can do miracles to your photos.

In order to get more out of your phone camera, attempt using attachable lenses. They provide you particular effects such as macro or fish-eye shots, in addition to all you require doing is to snap one on top of your camera lens.

Use Photo-Editing Apps.


From time to time, there is just so much you can control whilst taking a photo. A lot of the improvement must come from the use of photo-editing apps after the photos have been taken.

Know Your Phone Camera Settings.


At the outset, you should not depend too much on default auto mode of your phone. Indeed, tapping on where you desire your phone to focus on will provide you a sharper focus on the subject. Nevertheless, you can still enhance the overall quality of your photos through tweaking other aspects in an image. Though diverse phones have diverse settings, most of them ought to be capable of letting you control the focus, exposure, ISO as well as white balance. Above all, despite all this, I do consider that some photography can be viewed as art. What many people don’t realize is that many of us see art as a massive influence in our work.


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