Do you really have what it takes to be one of the most talented expatriate photographers? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of our international photography competition fully dedicated to expats all over the world and if not, then this is a great opportunity for you to get to know more about it and submit your photos as soon as possible.

Smartphone cameras have entirely changed the notion of conventional photography, typically because it is easy to carry compared to the bulky DSLR. This phenomenon has brought about an influx of photo-sharing as well as photo-editing apps, moreover has possibly contributed to how professional photographers as well as photojournalists work these days.

There are a lot of people who underestimate the capacities of our Smartphone camera. After all, we realize little concerning Smartphone cameras than the megapixels it can take. Actually by tweaking the settings, angle as well as lighting, plus using multi-featured apps in addition to tools, you only could be capable of taking more interesting as well as visually eye-catching photos that capture the spirit of the moment than you can with a camera.

Here are a few useful tips as well as tricks that will assist in improving Smartphone photography:

Saturday, 11 April 2015 12:18

Call For Entries

Call for Entries
Expats International Photo Contest is pleased to announce the opening of reception for submissions for the 2015 edition. Expatriates and world travelers, professional or amateur Photographers can now submit their photos to the one and only international photography competition dedicated to people living far from their homeland. The entries will be submitted here from 10 April 2015 to 10 june 2015.

Monday, 15 December 2014 12:38

Project Description

Expats International Photo Contest is an annual International photo competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the Expatriates and world travelers’ photography world today.

We believe in the power of the image to tell stories that can't be told any other way. The Expats International Photo Contest will be a global celebration of that belief and an invitation to everyone far from their homeland to share their stories with the world. OUR MISSION is to salute the achievements of the Expats’ finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talents, and to promote the appreciation of photography within the Expatriates Communities all over the world.

The best 50 photos will be exhibited in Paris on a night where different expat and local community representatives will be invited to share a drink and appreciate the beauty, stories told through the art of photography.

Saturday, 13 December 2014 10:49

Results And Awards

Expats International Photo Contest will not award any monetary prizes. Any number of special recognitions may be awarded by our sponsors and supporters.

No member of the jury or member of the pre-selection committee, nor any member of their immediate family or firm, may be awarded any of these recognitions.

The 50 best selected photos will be announced and published on our website and the ones of our partners as soon as they’ve been selected by our jury in Paris. An exhibition of all awarded (best selected) works will be held in a, yet to be communicated, place and date in Paris. More info to be found on the contest calendar.

The 50 best photos as selected by our jurors will also be published in a catalogue in which we’ll have many other details concerning these works, our association and a special recognition to all of our backers, partners, sponsors and the authors of the best 100 images as selected by our online Jury.

The 50 best photographers whose images will be exhibited in Paris will get free copies of the catalogue as a sign of recognition for their talents. The sale of this book will help our association to finance our upcoming community projects.

Friday, 12 December 2014 18:00

About Us

Expats International Photo Contest is a global art project created and run by EXPATRIES PARISIENS, a non-profit social, cultural and educational community organization for expatriates and immigrants living and working in Paris as well as all global minds. This project is run by volunteers living in Paris and all over the world.

Friday, 12 December 2014 18:00

Contest Calender


10 February 2015: Contest Theme announcement

10 April 2015: Call for entries open.

10 June 2015: Call for entries close.

30 June 2015: Online jury Selection opens.

30 July 2015: End of the Online jury Selection.

10 October 2015: Live Jury Selection in Paris.

20 November 2015: Competition results Announced published followed by Main

exhibition Paris a few days later.


Friday, 12 December 2014 18:00

Jury And Selection Procedure

This contest will be judged in two phases. The first phase will be done by a pre-selection panel and the second by an international jury in Paris, the French Capital.

Expatriés Parisiens commits to change at least 50% of the jury members each year the competition is held.


The pre-selection panel is made of an international group of not more than 30 personalities of the photo, design, media and advertising industries as well as charities, cultural and educational institutions.


The jury is made of an international panel of not more than 5 recognized professional photography, television, design and media industry.


The pre-selection panel members commit to review all the photos submitted by the participants in an online environment.

The jury members will attend the official meetings of the panel in Paris.

The jury chairperson will make sure a written report of the voting results is ready.

The jury members and their immediate family members, firms, or photography teams won’t be allowed to compete in the contest.


The pre-selection panelists will examine all the submitted photos using online tools, determine whether they meet admission requirements and eliminate those that do not.

This selection will shortlist 100 images.

The jurors will examine the shortlisted images during an official and live meeting in Paris. The last selected photos will be judged for their; Impact, originality, Creativity, Style, Rapport with the contest theme, Composition, Print Presentation and Quality, Colors.

The Jury members will the selected the 50 last winning images that will be exhibited in Paris.


Expatriés Parisiens and its staff will act as an independent moderator amongst the jury and the entrants.


Receiving all submissions;

Receiving written questions from the participants within the competition deadline; Passing the received questions, without disclosing any names, to the jury members for answering questions;

Closing the submissions entry online system as soon as the competition deadline reached; Assembling a file of all participants and their contest submissions;

Prepare the submissions for voting operations by the pre-selection panel and the jury members.

Expatriés Parisiens and its staff/volunteers may not act as jurors, nor in the jury panel, neither in the pre-selection panel. Furthermore, Expatriés Parisiens and its staff may not take part in the jury’s work in any way.

Submissions will be handled by the organizer directly through an automated online system that prevents the disclosure of participants’ identity at all times. Expatriés Parisiens is responsible for deciding how to act regarding technical failures on the submission system that might cause delays in the submission or loss of the entries and will decide whether to include the entries involved in the system failure or not at its own discretion.


Friday, 12 December 2014 18:00

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I enter my photo into the competition?
Register first by create an account on our website then you'll be directed, once in your account, on how to submit your images. 

Is there any registration fee?
No, Participants will not be asked to make a contribution to submit their photos (no fees for this first, the second and maybe the third edition).

We are a team, can we enter too?
Yes, you will, however, have to register as an individual. A member of your team may need to open up an account in his name.

We are a photo studio or a photo gallery, can we enter too?
Yes, Please create an account as an individual then submit your photos.


How many photos can I enter in the competition?
You can submit up to 2 photos.

When does the competition close?
Please check the contest calendar out for more details.


Submitted images have to be of .jpg format with a maximum size of 2mb. Selected winners will be asked to send high resolutions of their winning photographies for a better print qualifor the exhibition in Paris in December 2015. Submitted images must be protrait (verticla) format photos. They must be previously unpublished and not include any copyrights protected materials.


I love what you do. How can I help?
Thank you. We love you too! Please start by sharing our website  to your friends and family or anyone else you think might be interested in what we are doing and join us on the social media. You may also need to register to become a member of our association, to donate financial support or hosting one of our annual exhibition or events. Please drop us an email telling us how you would want to help us. We'd love to hear from you!

Any volunteer opportunities?
Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! As you can see, this contest is the One and only International Contest dedicated to the art of photography and expatriates. The success of this event depends largely on the work of our amazing group of volunteers all over the world. Thank you for your time, advises and commitment to the success of this contest.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the different tasks throughout the whole contest period. Volunteers are the heart of The Expats International Photo Contest. We need your help in making this project a success. The current available volunteer opportunities are (but not limited to): Special Events Assistants, Collection Support, Special Projects, Social Media / Graphic Design and marketing. Please get in touch.


Friday, 11 April 2014 19:00

Sample Photo Blog Article

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